World of Warcraft is the king of MMO's and will continue it's reign for quite some time and they just changed something that will keep it on top for the considerable future. In the past if you wanted to get into World of Warcraft you could pay the subscription and download the base game and play. Thing is there have been 7 total expansions for the game post launch and if you want to experience all the content you need to acquire (usually buy) all of the expansions. It makes it hard to get in and play with your friends if you friend new to the game doesn't have all the content but Blizzard just made it a lot easier.

"The Battle for Azeroth pre-patch is here, and with this update we’re making some exciting changes to the way players access to World of Warcraft. Starting today, new players can gain access to all World of Warcraft content up through and including the Legion expansion simply by becoming a subscriber—you no longer need to purchase the original World of Warcraft base game. In addition, all existing World of Warcraft subscribers have automatically been upgraded to Legion at no additional cost."

This is part of a push to get more World of Warcraft players but I wonder what the overall end game is? All other MMO's seem to be free to play and I wonder if World of Warcraft will ever go that route? They make a ton on monthly subscriptions but I wonder a World where you can play Warcraft without a monthly sub? Any case it's a long time coming but I suppose time will tell.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/20/2018 at 12:02pm

Yeah it seems to be common for not-quite-free to play. You buy the game and the expansions but the monthly subscription is replaced with cosmetic microtransactions. Except for this one and Final Fantasy 11 and 14. The subscriptions seem to be working out for those.

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