SuperHyperCube is a retro VR game that mixes up Tetris with a stylized sort of "tron-like" vibe. Created as a collaboration between Kokoromi & Polytron SuperHyperCube was initially released on Playstation VR and then later Steam VR. At the moment I don't own any VR gear nor am part of the overall VR movement. I think it's an interesting space to be in and I was able to play SuperHyperCube in a Sony store and thought it was one of the most fun VR experiences i've had. All that to say, the behind the scenes doc included above features one of the game developers Phil Fish who has a long and complicated career in gaming. He was the designer of FEZ, which I find to be one of the most delightful and special games i've played in a long time. That said, he had an intensity online that seemed to attract a certain kind of attention that led to Polytron being hacked and him stepping away from the games industry. And then SuperHyperCube released so it seems he might be partly back in, but it's possible he was just finishing out his last project.

I think about FEZ from time to time and Phil in particular. He was featured in Indie Game the Movie which is a complicated movie to consider BUT one thing that it did well was show how certain people handle launching particularly successful games. In a few words? It's a wild ride. That said Indie Game the Movie only showed the most successful games and game a generation of new Indie developers the wrong impression about how things work which may have slightly led to an explosion of Indie games. Not sure more art is a bad thing but it's rough to not make enough money to pay the rent.

Phil cancelled FEZ 2 as he was leaving the gaming scene but I hold out some hope for him to release it someday. I heard FEZ 2 was simply a musical album or something and if that was true would be very exciting.