Hearthstones new expansion The Boomsday Project launches August 7th and if you sign on around that time you can grab three free packs and a expansion Legendary. The Boomsday Project is also launching single player puzzle content later in the month and if you check that out you will get 3 more free packs. I like the idea of splitting up the release in two chunks over the month and it's always cool to get a few free packs.

You playing The Boomsday Project when it launches?

"For a limited time after The Boomsday Project starts on August 7, log in to claim 3 card packs and a random Class Legendary minion (or Hero card)—both from the new expansion—for free!

Get 3 more The Boomsday Project card packs FREE when you log in after The Puzzle Lab launches starting August 21.


AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 08/12/2018 at 05:13am

I had been playing Heathstone again a lot, but the grind finally caught up with me right before this launched lol. Plus I was running out of space on my phone, so I decided to skip it, for now. I have plenty of gold to buy packs (I had been saving for this), and I look forward to playing it again at some point :)

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 08/12/2018 at 06:12pm

Right. I saved for 35 packs and opened them the other night. It all felt quite underwhelming and I’m not sure I’ll okay much of the new expansion. Well when the single player content drops I will but I don’t plan on making a Boomsday deck right now.

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