Since Valve talked about launching a new card game and that it wouldn't be free to play i've wondered how much it would be? Not only has Valve dropped the Artifact launch date of November 28th but also more information on how much Artifact will cost. You can buy two starting decks of 54 cards + 10 boosters for $20. Looks like each booster contains 12 cards and each booster costs $2. The base Artifact set will have about 280 cards so it would take a bit to get each card by opening packs but the good news is you can buy the rest of the cards straight up on the Steam store from other players selling them. Looks like Valve is implementing the same model you can use to play Magic the Gathering except that the game is digital and you get way more cards per booster pack.

Anything Valve does is super popular i'm just wondering how keen gamers are to a card game that costs actual money to play and has no free to play element? Are you going to get the Artifact $20 starter pack November 28th?