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A collaboration of legendary card game designer Richard Garfield and computer game and technology maker Valve (Dota 2, Steam), Artifact is designed to give Trading Card Game (TCG) enthusiasts the deepest gameplay and highest fidelity experience ever in a fantasy card game.
Since Valve talked about launching a new card game and that it wouldn't be free to play i've wondered how much it would be? Not only has Valve dropped the Artifact launch date of November 28th but also more information on how much Artifact will cost. You can buy two starting decks of 54 cards + 10 boosters for $20. Looks like each booster contains 12 cards and each booster costs $2. The base Artifact set will have about 280 cards so it would take a bit to get each card by opening packs but the good news is you can buy the rest of the cards straight up on the Steam store from other players selling them. Looks like Valve is implementing the same model you can use to... Read All

Gabe Newell gave a presentation at the Valve offices about their upcoming game Artifact - The Dota Card Game. The big news isn't that Artifact is coming but that it seems Valve is focusing more on shipping games.

"Artifact is the first of several games that are going to be coming from us. So that's sort of good news. Hooray! Valve's going to start shipping games again."

It seems Valve has been focused on hardware in Steam VR, the Steam Controller and Steam itself which has taken focus away from making games which seems to now be coming back.

"The positive thing about the Vive is, in addition to making sure that nobody created an iOS closed platform for it, was also that... Read All

It's a special time when Valve talks about a new game coming out but this one i've been speculating about for months. Digital Card games are the new hotness seen through the massive success of Hearthstone, Magic Online, Faeria, The Witcher Card Game, Elder Scrolls Legends and more and I've thought that Valve would be interested in getting in on it. Looks like they were thinking the same thing because in 2018 Artifact - The Dota Card Game will launch. So far all we've got is a very short trailer that only shows off the games four color logo that may be a tip to the different colored cards in Artifact? I guess time will tell what kind of digital card game it is but so... Read All