YouTube Channel Noclip is fastly becoming one of my favorite gaming channels as it focuses primarally on longer form video game documentaries. Funded by a healthy Patreon, Noclip has created some great docs such as one I shared recently for The Witness. I've been sitting on sharing this one for a while and now seems like a great time with Doom Resurrection on the horizon. The first part of the series is embedded above called To Hell & Back and covers the original Doom game iD was working on before it was rebooted to become Doom 2016. They show off screenshots and gameplay and interview the original designer and developers about it. The second part Designing a First Impression covers how they went about building and designing Doom 2016 and the final installment Guns, Guitars and Chess on Mars wraps everything up to launch and does a deep dive with the composer of the music in Doom.

Needless to say this is a must watch if you liked Doom 2016 and even if you didn't play it and want to watch something interesting about a very cool game, i'd press play.

Part 2 - Designing a First Impression

Part 3 - Guns, Guitars & Chess on Mars