To me, Dwarf Fortress is one of the most important pieces of art in our time. The level of sophistication of the game is astounding and Tarn and Zach consider it to be something they will work on... indefinitely. That kind of focus and passion is rare and because of the games lasting artistic impact Tarn is going to hand over the source code to the game to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) upon his death. I was lucky enough to meet up with him some years ago at PAX and talk to him about Dwarf Fortress as well as possibly releasing Dwarf Fortress as free software (not an idea he supported at the time, he'd rather hand it over to the MoMA). The only downside to Dwarf Fortress is that it's so rich and deep I have very little time to play it and it's a real shame. That said, it looks like it's going to get a lot more accessible to players as it's getting a formal graphical update from it's ASCII roots as well as going to be for sale on Steam and Itch.

To-date Dwarf Fortress has been available to download for free on Bay 12 Games website and this won't change. But if you want an auto-updated version, official non-ASCII 2D graphics and easily installable through Steam or Itch, this is for you. Seems like a big reason Bay 12 is doing this is to raise money to help some family with health issues and I hope this goes over well for them and the publisher they are working with, Kitfox Games.

Read the entire FAQ on Dwarf Fortress coming to Steam, Itch and on working with publisher Kitfox.

Travis   Admin wrote on 03/14/2019 at 03:17am

Wow that's huge! I know there have been a few frontends but it's nice to see something official.

I hope this gets more people playing it (like me maybe) because the vanilla is incredibly opaque (not necessarily saying that's bad) and finding up-to-date addons is frustrating.

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