Capcom is looking to get into the retro-system nostalgia movement with a very unique offering called the Capcom Home Arcade. It features some of the best Capcom arcade titles and is a dual arcade stick lapboard emulation device meant to be played with a friend. Priced at $260 it looks to be a fairly premium device for the 16 pack in titles it comes with, that said if the hardware is top notch this could be a pretty good value. The Capcom Home Arcade features 1944: The Loop Master Alien vs. Predator, Armored Warriors, Capcom Sports Club, Captain Commando, Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Eco Fighters, Final Fight, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Gigawing, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Progear. Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting, Strider & Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo which is enough to keep you and your friends busy.

Besides looking incredibly pretty, the home arcade boasts that it will support wifi to allow leaderboards of the games featured on the system. Looks like the system is powered over USB and requires an HDMI connection so both cables must run along to the television. I wonder if the price tag is to cover the extremely long HDMI and USB cables that need to be included for this thing to work?

It would have been awesome to get some of Capcoms Marvel licensed games but I imagine licensing that might have been prohibitive. Capcom Home Arcade will Haduken its way to your living room on October 25th.

Travis   Admin wrote on 04/19/2019 at 03:19am

Oooohhh this is nice, but you're right, that $260 price tag is a bit steep. Still. I want it.

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