Aladdin on the Sega Genesis only had a six month development window but what shipped was an incredible platformer worthy of the legendary cartoon. Ben Paddon takes a look at the game as well as the other ports surrounding it as well as how Virgin Games worked alongside Disney animators to make the game look incredible. The Aladdin game was Directed by David Perry who went on to mastermind Earthworm Jim as well as a host of other classic titles and Ben talks about that and how the game engine of Aladdin was used in a lot his work and beyond.

Travis   Admin wrote on 05/10/2019 at 04:04am

So, wow. I need to play Aladdin. I had no idea that a lot of those licensed games and Earthworm Jim were made by the same people, with the same engine, but it makes sense. The Lion King is still one of my favorites on the Genesis and EJ is a pure classic.

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