Super Mario Maker 2 dropped last Friday on the Switch and I'm not going to mince any words, it's one of the best games I've played in years. Nintendo clearly had a hit with the original Super Mario Maker on the Wii U and now that Switch has an even larger following, it's awesome to see Super Mario Maker 2 come out to such an excited set of fans. I don't typically play many video games where I try to fit play sessions in any few minutes block of time I can find during the day, but Super Mario Maker 2 is a perfect game for that. Which is why if I had to rate Super Mario Maker 2 it might get a perfect score. That might sound like hyperbole but the game is firing perfectly on so many levels. It's a game that has creativity as it's signature element as you can create whatever kind of Mario level you want and share them with anyone. That feature alone makes it an incredible game, but Super Mario Maker 2 also includes a fun Single Player mode where you play some of the most creative Mario stages I've seen Nintendo create. For another game the level creation and sharing tools and full single player campaign might be enough but Mario Maker 2 also includes online co-op and head to head multiplayer too! I've played a bit of co-op and while it takes a bit to start a match it's fun playing with other people and I hope to spend more time in this mode. Nintendo has also said that they will bring the ability to play with friends in a later patch and that sounds like an incredible edition to an already amazing game.

As I've said already, Mario Maker 2 might be the perfect game on the Nintendo Switch and right now, it's the top contender for my game of the year.

Let's Share Our Mario Maker Levels

To-date I've created four Mario Maker 2 stages and if you're interested, you should play them.

Bowser's Invitation: (1PP-NGF-VDG) "Bowser's invited you for tea. But what is he really up to?" This was the first Mario Maker 2 level I created and my goal was to learn how to create a level and also make something where you feel like you almost have to brawl Bowser to win. I really love Kaizo Mario levels but wanted to make something that a human could complete, so to me, this feels like a Kaizo Mario level for normal people. It has the lowest clear rate of any of my stages at 4.5%. Not gonna lie, kinda proud of how hard it is but if i'm honest it's really a bunch of hidden blocks positioned to troll the player.

Currently Gills has the World Record with a clear time of 27"337

Mario's Choice: (C4J-PP2-1WG) "What would you do to win?" This level has two paths you can take to complete it. It's a fun one because the whole name of the level and description are a hint to the fastest way to beat it. The current clear rate is 18%.

Currently Wuddle has the World Record with a clear time of 5"417

The Drop: (F3W-Y65-KTG) "Boom BOOM's secret factory has been causing problems. Can you stop him?" The Drop is an idea I've had for some time that was fun to work on but needed a bit more time to bake. I like the early platforming elements and the boom boom fight but the actual drop isn't as interesting as it could have been. This one might be a bit more experimental that I wanted it to be, but I think it's fun which is the point of all of this. The Drop has a clear rate of 45%.

Currently someone with a name entirely in Kanji that I can't easily copy to paste here has the world record of 1'10"721.

Night Time Koopa Shooter: (H89-F13-SGF) "Take Bowser's fire clown car and shoot down as many Koopa's as you can." When I realized Mario Maker has a kind of plane you could fly around and shoot things with I had to make a shooter auto-scroll level. It's a bit short, but I can't wait to see what other kinds of shooter levels people create! After seeing so many people complete The Drop I felt I was getting a bit soft so upped the difficulty of Night Time Koopa Shooter and it has a clear rate of 11%.

Currently SideTilt has the World Record of 29"483.

If you have made any levels, please share them here, I'd love to play and let you know what I think and if you want to do likewise that sounds like fun.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/02/2019 at 01:25pm


It’s a sky level where you have to hop on enemies and use semi tricky switches to get from the beginning to end. Then very carefully glide for keys. It has a completion rate of about 33% as of last night at least, which is the sweet spot for me.

Just FYI to all you makers out there, you have to get a heart on your level before it will randomly show up for others. So I’ve beeb hearting all of my best friend’s son’s levels even though they’re kinda ... not great. Just because he gets such a kick out of other people playing his stuff.

But that kid beat my level first try 😂

This game is absolutely incredible. It’s rare for a game to take up every waking thought, and I have to work to push that aside to get things done, but when that does happen it’s usually Nintendo. Especially Switch-era Nintendo, I legitimately think they’ve hit a new high point.

I have a LOT of small problems with this game, so so so many. Mostly related to interface/online which is kinda par for the course. But ignoring interface/service issues the game is absolutely perfect. Like, I would change nothing.

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 07/06/2019 at 12:31am


It is an upside down level.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/06/2019 at 02:52am

Will, Jon and I had a bit of a rivalry over speedrunning your level. I think we ended up hitting the theoretical limit and kept tying the best time.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 07/06/2019 at 08:50pm

Right I can't get better than Travis best time and he has world record first so he's got it. I'd keep running it but I want to ship Tale of the White Wyvern more smile

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 07/08/2019 at 02:14am

Nice job Travis!

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 07/24/2019 at 04:01pm
Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 07/26/2019 at 03:30am

Nice. This means mine can increase from 1 to 2!

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 07/26/2019 at 03:44am


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