Summer Games Done Quick 2019 was a great event this year and I'm sticking to my tradition of keeping a list of my favorite speedruns and sharing them with you all. I'll just be posting one more after this so stay tuned.

Super Mario Bros. 2 by coolkid in 23:21 Coolkid had two awesome runs this year and this one was a highlight. I'll share his Mega Man 2 run later as it's one of the first GDQ runs that doesn't feature any zips. That said, this Super Mario 2 run is quite incredible at 23 minutes and Coolkid makes it look effortless.

Half-Minute Hero by dowolf in 23:32 I watched the Half-Minute Hero run the first morning of SGDQ with my family for breakfast. My wife said that the game was so fast you have to have ADD to make sense of it. By it's nature Half-Minute Hero is a game played in thirty second loops and is also made faster by dowolf's expertise. It's a fun run and considering it's played on a PlaystationTV quite novel.

The Legend of Zelda Randomizer by JamEvil and fcoughlin in 53:26 I love randomizer races and this was the first time I've seen one for the original Legend of Zelda. It's a great race by JamEvil and fcoughlin and one of my most anticipated and I wasn't let down. It's quite the nail biter all the way to the end and both player came very close to each other.

Super Mario World Blind Relay Race by One Tile Men and Lunar Magicians in 54:00 A new Kaizo Mario game was made specifically for SGDQ and run blind by two teams One Tile Men and Lunar Magicians. Both teams are flush with the most talented Mario players such as Barbarian, LaserBelch, PangaeaPanga, Dode, grandpoobear, juzcook, GlitchCat7 and NobleTOFU and watching them in action was one of the coolest Speedrun things I've ever seen. A total must watch.

Gauntlet by digshake and Eunos in 16:12 I really enjoy arcade Gauntlet and have played the NES version a handful of times. The NES version isn't easy but I didn't think too much about it as a kid. Speedrunners digshake and Eunos make quick work of it but even say that you shouldn't play it casually as it's fairly impossible to do so. According to them the most fun to be had on Gauntlet is to learn the speedrunning strats and play it that way and if the run is an indicator, it looks like that's true.

Castlevania (DOS) by LoZCardsfan23 in 15:59 Castlevania is one of the most classic games on the NES and one that is run at darn near each GDQ. This year they ran Castlevania DOS, a version I didn't know existed for one of the most unique runs of the summer. A few things to keep in mind, Castlevania DOS only runs at 6 FPS and if there are too many things on the screen gets quite buggy. That said LoZCardsfan23 does a good job running it and has an interesting couch to back him up.

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