Super Mario Bros. 2

Released on July 2, 2007 by Nintendo

Developed by Nintendo

We all know Super Mario Bros. 2 wasn't the follow up to Super Mario Bros. in Japan and that it was originally Doki Doki Panic and translated into English for an American audience. That reason being the big factor on why some Mario purists don't consider it a proper Mario game. Super Mario Bros. 2 celebrates it's 30th anniversary this year and as such Arcadeology has a focused retrospective on the game and it's history in the franchise. It's the deepest dive about Mario 2 i've seen to date and it showcases many of the improvements made over Doki Doki Panic. In fact, i'd say Mario 2 is superior to Doki in nearly every way and since Doki started out as a prototype for... Read All

Cygnus Destroy has a new Innocent Until Proven Guilty Video I wanted to share. I enjoy his take on the classics and have really enjoyed his series since I started subscribing last year. In his latest video he looks at Super Mario Brothers 2. Super Mario Brothers 2 is my favorite Mario game and only in the last few years did I discover the blow back this game has received. Some consider this not a proper Mario sequel because it existed first as Doki Doki Panic. Pretty sure when I was a kid it wouldn't have made the game worse and knowing that now gives the game a richer history but doesn't detract from it's charm or beauty.

I know most of us consider Super Mario... Read All
Before leaving Mario behind for a while, I wanted to take a look into one of the most confusing situations involving a game's trip from Japan to the US, or rather two games.

After the major success of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo released Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan. The game was meant as a continuation of the first more than a typical sequel, so that it would be challenging for people who had already mastered the first game. The graphics were basically identical, but it introduced a couple of new mechanics and seriously hard levels. However, Nintendo of America decided they didn't want to release it stateside, since it looked too similar and would be too hard for... Read All
Nintendo Power's first issue was released for free to certain fan club members and in stores July of 1988. At the time Nintendo was gaining more and more traction as a pretty big household staple and to further it's reach they decided to start one of the greatest things to happen to the late 80's and 90's, Nintendo Power magazine. I first read this issue at my cousins house and immediately wanted a subscription. Nintendo Power was filled to the brim with comics, news and tips for all the games I loved. I have recently started re-reading them and decided to review them as I have time.

Nintendo Power issue 1 contained some of the best art on a magazine cover I can think... Read All

"Its near impossible to pick a favorite Mario game, what games get left out and Aaron has a few top choices that normally are not in the top 3!"

I like this list because it places Mario 2 quite high. I know, Mario 2 was Doki, Doki, Panic, but like the video states, that doesn't make it a bad game. Thing is, i'd love to see a new Mario game riff Mario 2 ideas and have been bummed it hasn't happened yet.

That said, this list is quite good and features a segment from YouTuber MetalJesus! So, you know, watch it.

I've been thinking of dedicating a day of the week to a game topic close to my heart. I think Tuesday works because its a pretty boring week day in need of some love. I hereby dub Tuesdays "Retro Tuesdays and as such, each Tuesday I will write about a sweet game of yesteryear that I love or hate and was iconic for me in some way. I would be awesome if others grabbed some good or ill feeling out your mind and posted it on Tuesdays as well. See how that goes.

Without further ado..... "RETRO TUESDAY POST NUMBER A!"

Super Mario Brothers 2 is a game I will never stop loving. First off if you compare it to the rest of the original Super Mario Brothers games its a total odd... Read All

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