Cygnus Destroy has a new Innocent Until Proven Guilty Video I wanted to share. I enjoy his take on the classics and have really enjoyed his series since I started subscribing last year. In his latest video he looks at Super Mario Brothers 2. Super Mario Brothers 2 is my favorite Mario game and only in the last few years did I discover the blow back this game has received. Some consider this not a proper Mario sequel because it existed first as Doki Doki Panic. Pretty sure when I was a kid it wouldn't have made the game worse and knowing that now gives the game a richer history but doesn't detract from it's charm or beauty.

I know most of us consider Super Mario Brothers 2 to be a great Mario game but I wanted to share this as the games controversy still marches on.... as strange as I find that to be.

Travis   Admin wrote on 06/06/2015 at 06:15am

It isn't a *proper* Mario sequel but it was way better than the ACTUAL SMB2, by a long shot.

They took a bad situation (the original Mario 2 got some blowback too, and the West would have hated it because we don't enjoy punishment in our video games the same way as the East), and a game they already had, and improved on Doki-Doki Panic AND made the Mario series better.

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