I've always wondered what would happen if I took a classic game I love and erased all my memory of it and played it fresh. Would I relive the love for the game all over again or would my older personality look at the game in an entirely different way? Recently I've subscribed to YouTuber Lady Pelvic and watched handful of her videos and wanted to share her review of The Secret of Mana. I appreciate her take quite a bit, even if I don't share it because she brings up great points on why The Secret of Mana might not be a very good game. She does find a few things to enjoy about Mana but ultimately doesn't think it's a good game and should stay back in the 90's. Again, i'm not sure I disagree with her, I just don't mind hanging out in the pixel fueled games of the 90's. In fact, I love Secret of Mana so much I bought the collection again on the Switch because, you know, why not?

At the end of the day some classic games might not hold up as much as we remember but that doesn't mean they are all bad or that we don't always need a new fresh take on them.