ChippyGaming has a fun new Terraria 1.4 gameplay video out showing some of the new game features and they look superb. The biggest standout are the updated graphics and polished UI improvements.

Dare I say this looks to be the biggest Terraria update yet? Glad this game made a zillion bucks so they can give it this final send off.

This has been shared in some comment threads but wanted to give it more visibility.

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 05/11/2020 at 03:09am

That makes me want to play, particularly so I can more easily notice the difference.

Travis   Admin wrote on 05/11/2020 at 02:34pm

Yeah I think Journey mode alone would have made this the biggest update yet.

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 05/12/2020 at 12:40am

Saturday!!! Whoooot!!!!!!!

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 05/13/2020 at 02:04am
GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 05/13/2020 at 02:31am


Travis   Admin wrote on 05/15/2020 at 03:05am

As Thanos said, this does bring a smile to my face.

This is easily the biggest update. Before this, the core game was still the same, but this changes things in such fundamental ways that it feels almost like a sequel.

Like just the NPC hotels we always made... those are now a very bad idea. But the pylons let us visit them wherever they are, and it makes sense to put them where they want to be. And that changes the game in enormous ways on its own.

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 05/17/2020 at 09:56pm

Try using the seed 05162020 and go find the Moon Lord's legs. This is a mysterious seed and is the date of the update's release. Check it out and watch Chippy's video:

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 05/18/2020 at 02:44am

Moon Lord's legs are great. Seems like they aren't too hard to find either.

Wonder what else is hidden in that map and if there are any other maps like that?

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 05/19/2020 at 08:25pm

I started to wonder something and only did a little "Googling," but I'm not entirely sure I have my answer. What has my curiosity is why Re-Logic (and other devs) have (or continue to do) given us free content expansions/DLC. I read it could be kind of service to the community or fans. I think maybe new content would help increase sales, though I'm not sure by how much or for how long. I'm just not sure that it makes complete sense to me though. I'm certainly not complaining, but I'm sure devs want paid. Maybe they've made enough from sales to keep working on it. Perhaps each company (devs) has their own reason for this. What do you think? Again, I do think it's really nice and even great that devs continue to work on a game even after it's released and with such content. It certainly makes a game more playable (assuming the content is good).

Travis   Admin wrote on 05/19/2020 at 08:42pm

They reached their highest concurrent player count on the release day of 1.4, so yeah I think the updates throughout the years have definitely helped their sales. I'm sure they would have made a fraction of their millions without the updates.

Travis   Admin wrote on 05/25/2020 at 05:47pm

Jon, you wondered what other seeds might be available, there are two more. I think one is of particular interest to you ;)

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 05/25/2020 at 07:07pm

Hahahaha ❤️

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 05/25/2020 at 08:37pm

I like games w/ seeds, especially if I can find really good seeds. I haven't searched for one for Terraria, but I could describe what I want, but it might be difficult to get. Also, wow it's almost hard to fathom why people would want this game to be even harder.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 05/27/2020 at 03:22am

> Also, wow it's almost hard to fathom why people would want this game to be even harder.

Yeah. I don't get why furries but they are here and that's ok. smile

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