In the mostly great news with some downsides department, Rocker League is going free to play this summer! The downside is that moving forward it will only be available for new players on PC on the Epic Store and not be available for new players on Steam. If you have Rocket League on Steam already you can still play it moving forward just fine, but they are funneling all PC players to play on the Epic Store. Some fans have questions about mod support and Steam Workshop integration as the Epic Store has none of these features, that said this seems like an overall good move as it puts Rocket League in the hands of more players.

I bought Rocket League on sale last year on Switch for $20 and it's a perfect game to play with friends on the couch. I imagine playing online is just as fun and this should give the player base a fun shot in the arm.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/27/2020 at 07:59pm

And all Linux players were basically told, sorry, we're taking the game away from you.

Epic being Epic. :/

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 07/27/2020 at 08:08pm

Wait so the Linux version is going away on Steam moving forward?

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/27/2020 at 09:09pm

I was a bit hyperbolic with "taking the game away" but for what most people do with it, that's basically the case. Nothing online at all, they're dropping support. I hadn't realized Mac was affected as well.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 07/27/2020 at 09:26pm

Thanks for that Travis, I didn't see any of that. Also new information I didn't know.

1. Epic Games bough the company behind Rocket League last year.
2. Now game is going PC Epic Only moving forward and dropping Mac+Linux online support.

Now I get why Epic is doing the Epic Store only thing and I really don't care but dropping Mac+Linux moving forward and Epic Store only? Ehhhhh, that's not awesome.

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/30/2020 at 03:24pm

I have heard a ton of good things about Rocket League so I went ahead and pulled the trigger on Steam before it leaves. Just in case I want to play it on PC, I am sure that I won't want to support Epic by buying it there. Or playing it free to play there.

They've been problematic over the past few years and that doesn't seem to be changing.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 09/23/2020 at 03:32pm

Rocket League is now available to download for free on the Epic Store, Switch and I imagine many other platforms* for free.

* Of course not Steam because why would the biggest PC gaming platform want a game like Rocket League?

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 09/23/2020 at 03:33pm

Just to be super clear here, I think Rocket League should stay on Steam. Sad Epic is removing it.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 09/23/2020 at 03:36pm

And I just checked Rocket League is no longer available to purchase and is de-listed on Steam.

"Notice: At the request of the publisher, Rocket League® is unlisted on the Steam store and will not appear in search."

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