Recently Hungry Goriya reviewed the classic Wisdom Tree NES game Spiritual Warfare. Spiritual Warfare is a Zelda clone where a Christian Warrior takes on the evil spirits in their community and eventually goes to Hell and kills the Devil. I grew up Christian and my parents wanted me to be exposed to games with a more Christian focus so they bought me Spiritual Warfare in thick of the classic NES era. I played this game constantly as a kid so much so that I had every secret memorized and could be the game start to finish in a handful of hours. Spiritual Warfare is one of the better Zelda clones on the NES and where it's not revolutionary the items and zones are fairly memorable.

The Angry Video Game Nerd dedicated an episode to Wisdom Tree games and I felt his light focus on Spiritual Warfare did the game a dis-service. Is the game ham-fisted with it's Christian message and how you approach evil in your community? Oh yeah! Is it kind of funny and incredible at the same time? Very much. I'd say Spiritual Warfare exudes some of the best qualities likened to some of the best "bad films" in that it's earnestly doing it's thing while nearly satire in itself. I'm not approaching my genuine love of this game in any ironic way, I really enjoy this game and embrace it for it's very earnest pitch and also enjoy thinking about it's message from a more modern perspective.

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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Premiers August 17th

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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Premiers August 17th

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