Recently Hungry Goriya reviewed the classic Wisdom Tree NES game Spiritual Warfare. Spiritual Warfare is a Zelda clone where a Christian Warrior takes on the evil spirits in their community and eventually goes to Hell and kills the Devil. I grew up Christian and my parents wanted me to be exposed to games with a more Christian focus so they bought me Spiritual Warfare in thick of the classic NES era. I played this game constantly as a kid so much so that I had every secret memorized and could be the game start to finish in a handful of hours. Spiritual Warfare is one of the better Zelda clones on the NES and where it's not revolutionary the items and zones are fairly... Read All

If you're unfamiliar, it's an arpg where you're collecting the Armor of God, and your main method of self-defence is throwing fruit (of the spirit, which is also literal fruit).

It could be nostalgia, but the character of the game is really unique. I used to play this game more or less daily when I was pretty young, but never beat it due to there being no save function. Say what you want about production values, but it's pretty unique.