Switch Sports launched last month and I picked it up the day my kid got sick. I figured if we were going to be inside a lot, Switch Sports would be a great thing to play and be active. Simply put, if you enjoyed Wii Sports and have a Switch, Nintendo Switch Sports is a must purchase. In my opinion, Wii Sports was one of the best video games of all time and the fact that it was a pack-in title was a great idea that caused the Wii to be incredibly popular.

So far, I've only played a handful of matches of Bowling with my son and his far favorite is Chambara (a game where you swipe swords at each other until someone falls over into the water). Nintendo Switch Sports uses the joy cons that operate similarly to the Wii Remotes. I'd say the joy cons are just as good as the remotes but the problem I find is that when the Switch is behind my TV they are way less accurate. It's not a hard problem to fix, I just put the switch in front of my TV but it's a bit annoying and I wish the bluetooth on the Switch was a bit more powerful than it's not for the joy cons. If you have muscle memory built up from Wii Sports, Switch Sports controls are slightly different. It's not a big deal but we found ourselves bowling wrong quite a few times before the new control scheme clicked for us (you don't let go to release the bowling ball).

Any video game that's fun and gets people up and moving is great in my book. Wii Sports was a classic game and Switch Sports really does seem to have taken that game, gave it a great modern coat of paint and put it on the Switch. I've heard Golf is coming as a free update later and that seems like a fun thing to try. I'm surprised it took Nintendo this long to update Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort but I'm happy they did and the results are quite fun.

Travis   Admin wrote on 05/14/2022 at 04:56pm

I had that problem with the switch Bluetooth in the past too. The two best places for it IMO are just slightly out of range for the Bluetooth to work properly. It’s odd, no other device I have had has Bluetooth this weak.

I didn’t even realize Switch Sports was out honestly! I’m going to have to check it out

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