For quite some time EA has been saying Star Wars: The Old Republic will go free to play. They recently dropped some details on how that will work.

I think the big take away from this list is that everything will be limited for free to play users with the story being one exception. The limitations don't seem to restrictive, but we will know more when free to play is available.

If you make any purchase at all the game unlocks:

  • The ability to run faster (Sprint) starting at Level 1.

  • Cargo Hold access (Bank Slots) and higher login queue priority.

  • Increased access to Chat and Secure Trading.

The ability to run faster has me wondering if we are not entering a strange new world of DLC similar to DLC quest? As long as your player doesn't crawl along, it might not be too bad, but still... Pay to run faster?

They also have a pretty extensive FAQ as well:

Wondering when all this will be available? According to the site "The Free-to-Play option will become available later this fall."

Are you interested in checking out Star Wars: The Old Republic when it goes free to play? Do you play MMO's and if so what are you playing right now?

BR   Supporter wrote on 10/21/2012 at 02:49am

I feel like having to pay to run is a little ridiculous. I mean, maybe if you couldn't have mounts or something, but running? That is stupid. Might as well take away other basic things such as attacking and wearing armor if your going to start taking away stuff like that.

Anyways, I do think the game will do better free to play. I most likely will not try it, but I think more people who are on the fence will at least give it a try.

jaelte wrote on 10/21/2012 at 05:54am

The referenced Sprint ability is normally available at level 14 (or 15, I don't remember). It appears that paying just makes that ability available at level 1 instead.

jaelte wrote on 10/21/2012 at 05:56am

Erm. Or I could be wrong about that; looking at some patch notes from a couple months ago, it looks like the ability is now at level 1 normally. Hrmph.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 10/21/2012 at 05:56pm

Yeah paying to run faster is a bit odd. But, it looks like just buying anything unlocks that set of things so hopefully you can buy a lightsabre or something for .99 cents.

The other MMO I play at times is Lord of the Rings Online and the only reason I picked it up because it was F2P. I haven't sunk any money into it but a few friends I have did as a results of us all playing together.

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