In a recent Team Fortress 2 update there are some files that point to a possible Linux port.,_2012_Patch_%28Beta%29

This makes sense as Valve is working on bringing Steam to Linux and I imagine they will port many, if not all its titles to Linux. I still use Linux as my primary desktop operating system and less reasons to boot back into Windows the better. Still, there are SO many games in Windows I wonder if ill really ever be able to switch?

Does Linux support from Steam interest you? Do you use Linux or is it all Windows and Mac for you?


Travis   Admin wrote on 10/25/2012 at 07:43pm

This will make me boot into Linux more on my gaming rig, that's for sure.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 10/26/2012 at 04:34am

Yeah, me too! Like right now, I could open it up and play it right now... :D

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