"Second Quest is a stand-alone graphic novella inspired by Zelda. It's an original story about a young woman from a small town in the sky who begins to suspect that the legends about her home aren't true. If you like mysterious landscapes, non-princesses, videogame criticism, or general gorgeousity, then please consider backing Second Quest!"

I find the idea of the Kickstarter awesome. Creativity is a great way to deal with disappointment. Zelda is one of those series I will always love, even if the modern versions don't bring the magic like they used to.

Tevis Thompson, one of the Second Quest Kickstarter collaborators produced an interesting post that also helped spawn this work called "Saving Zelda" and you can read that here:


Check out the official Kickstarter as they have 20 days left to go and only need 11k of funding to meet the goal!