A few days ago I finally completed the single player campaign of Rage. I had a roller coaster experience with the game and recently just picked it back up to complete it. I would say if you want a good shooter with plenty of car combat, Rage is your jam. The game isn't perfect but the shooter aspects of it are very good.

After starting it up for the first time on PC I was blown away with how awesome the graphics were. The story was compelling and I really enjoyed the voice acting of John Goodman as your main contact for the first 30% of the game(he vanishes after that never to be heard from again). In fact, the first 40% of the game is paced very well and plays awesomely. Rage even contains a few fun mini games, one such game, Rage Frenzy is a collectable trading card game where you collect cards in the game to build and play against NPC's.

The game is broken up by you flying to Subway Town and never needing to go back to the first part of the game. This is the part where Rage sort of broke down for me. I didn't really dig Subway Town as much and in general the missions you get are not as awesome. After hitting up Subway town and playing through a few missions I sort of stopped playing the single player and only just picked it back up to beat it recently.

I liked Rage a lot but in the end I really wanted more. I wanted more missions like in the first half of the game. I wanted more boss fights. I wanted more shooting and less driving. I didn't mind the driving but the game paced with an epic shooter level and then some occasional mandatory racing or driving to another location was odd. I don't mind driving to another location but the driving broke up the shooting awesomeness that Rage brought to the table. I guess in a way all the driving was good because without it the game would have even shorter. That said, in the beginning of the game I did enjoy building up from my 4 wheeler to my buggy.

At the very end of the game you get a rather big gun and head out for your last mission. Its kind of funny as the characters even tell you "this is your last mission." The last mission isn't too hard as they give you a very awesome gun and keep the ammo stocked well in the level. I was using the less powerful guns in the last mission and realised there was so much BFG ammo I was just trolling myself for not using it. The last few minutes of the game you are reprogramming satellites and as you wait you simply mutants and then the game is over.

The last level was beautiful and it was fun to be overpowered for a mission but it left me wanting a bit. All told I liked Rage quite a bit and look forward to coming back to play it in the future. I have heard rumblings that iD will release some kind of DLC for Rage and if that were true I would be interested in playing it.

One sort of aside note... At the very end of the game they don't allow you to race in Subway Town because of the Authority occupation. I believe this prevents you from racing in Subway Town on that game save. A bummer because I wanted to go back and play all of those races but can no longer do so for Subway Town.

Travis   Admin wrote on 11/13/2012 at 04:05am

I'm glad to see the loss of enthusiasm at Subway Town is a common thing. It looks like I put it down at the same time as you did. I think I'll pick that back up again soon and finish it off, since it doesn't seem like there's much left at that point.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 11/13/2012 at 03:37pm

There are more than a few missions left to go. Unsure bow many hours 5 or so?

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