Since I have some time this holiday I decided to do a few Let's Play videos to share with you all. One game that tops my list of sweet Super Nintendo Games I feel needs WAY more attention than it does is King Arthurs World. King Arthurs World is a lemmings clone that takes the formula and creates a great war strategy game for the console. The game is so well done I am somewhat surprised this war game formula wasn't copied and recycled.

I make my way through 7 of the training missions and get back into the groove. The fun and creativity of this game shines through and I had a blast playing it. I will continue to do Let's Plays of this game and will do each one of only one stage from here on. If memory serves I went as far as the Goblin levels so hopefully, with enough Let's Plays I will beat the game :D

Did you ever play King Arthurs World and if so what did you think of it? If you haven't tried it, I recommend giving it a shot!