"For those who wish to test their mettle against fellow Nephalem, your time has come. Players will now be able to battle one another in a new zone designed specifically for this style of combat called "The Scorched Chapel." This zone can be accessed by speaking with Nek the Brawler in any of the four Act hubs, and supports 2 to 4 players in a Free-For-All format."

Been really interested in Brawling coming to Diablo III and as such @panickedthumb and I updated our games and headed in to BRAWL just a bit ago! I came to the fight with the level 56 Witch Doctor and he had a level 60 Monk. His Monk kicked me into the dirt each battle hands down. Still, it was fun to enter the new Brawl graveyard and take a swing at each other. I imagine character of similar level geared similarly would be a bit more evenly matched. If you have Diablo III and always wondering if you could beat your fiends in combat, wonder no longer and Brawl it out!