As gamers, I'm sure most of us love to hear about new game announcements. Better still when the game actually sees the light of day (but, not always, especially if you're a Superman fan). Sometimes, the waiting between reveal and release can be excruciating, but the slightest sign of hope can be enough to hold you over. At about 2:02 in the above video, Michel Ansel, the mind behind Rayman Origins, literally flashes such a sign to all Beyond Good & Evil fans.

Sometimes...sometimes, this is all we need.

Is there a game like that for you (besides Half-Life 3)? What game(s) did you wait near eternity for, and, when they finally arrived, satiated your nerd-heart? Also, is "nerd-heart" redundant?

jdodson   Admin wrote on 04/15/2014 at 01:45am

I don't think nerd-heart is redundant at all :D

When I saw that Spaceward Ho was being ported to iOS I was really stoked. That game was liquid magic for me when I was a kid and finally playing it on my iPhone was just as awesome as I remember it being.

When Microsoft announced that Age of Empires HD was coming out and then I got a press key of it and could play it a month early, I nearly died of happiness. After playing it with Travis I was really happy that it worked as well as it did. They kept all of the amazingness of the original with some awesome modern improvements and it keeps getting better.

Same for when Starcraft 2 was announced. I pre-ordered the collectors and when I first played it I was in love. It was a modern Starcraft that was great. Story, online, music it was all superb.

I am sure there are other stories I have, but those come to mind from late.

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