Holy cow. This game is addicting! I was sick, so I got this from redbox on a whim. Then I didn't want to take it back for a few days... I'll definitely be looking for a used copy of this game.

First, it could just be called Grand Theft Auto: LSD

It's one strange game. I've not played any of the other Saints Row games, so I'm not familiar with any characters, if they're recurring or not, but I'm assuming some are, as you start off the game all dressed in costumes as one of the games leaders.

The storyline is that you're a member of the Saints, a gang that has taken over the city of Steelport. Fame has settled in (one gang member has a commercial for Saints Flow, an energy drink) and now other gangs are looking to move in.

It's an open world. You have a cell phone that other gang members call you on to advance the plot and send you on missions, but you can usually take your time between missions, exploring the city of Steelport. Steeling cars became on of my hobbies. You have a garage that you can stash your cars in and modify them. My favorite was a police car that I stole and tricked out.

The missions that I went on were really varied, from the typical "raid" where you're entering a building with intention of killing a rival gang leader to jumping on a helicopter and using a rocket launcher to fend off rival gang vehicles as one of your fellow gang members tries to drive away from a heist... there was one mission involving rescuing a fellow gang member from a BDSM club, and another involving your character going through a twisted Japanese-styled reality show where "mascots" (furries) are killed for cash whilst you dodge flame throwing traps.

One touch I really enjoyed was when driving to a mission location, my character and another gang member turned on the car radio, and Sublime's "What I Got" was playing. They both sang along, getting most of the words correct, but missing quite a few too, just as I would when I sang along.

Not a game I'd recommend for anyone easily offended, there's a lot of violence (duh, it's a gang theme), swearing and other mature content.

But after three days of playing, this is definitely an enjoyable game. Even the missions that are hard, and seemingly impossible are enjoyable enough to keep retrying until you finish them (that I've found so far)

jdodson   Admin wrote on 01/23/2012 at 03:06pm

Sounds fun. How much do Redbox games cost to rent?

Travis   Admin wrote on 01/23/2012 at 06:46pm

You should check out SR2 as well. The first one wasn't great, but the second was the perfect balance of serious/badass and silly. The third one seems to have taken it too far into the silly realm.

AdamPFarnsworth   Post Author wrote on 01/24/2012 at 12:51am

It's $2/day for Redbox games. Decent to check stuff out :)

I will definitely check out SR2, thanks!

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