I don't write on here as much as I'd like (work/podcasts/class!) but I wanted to pop on and announce a new show that we're doing. If you are interested at all in the game Dark Souls (and you really should be), we have the show for you:

Have any of you ghosties played it? What did you think?

jdodson   Admin wrote on 01/14/2013 at 07:30pm

I have not played it, but plan on getting around to it. Bummed to hear its sequel is PS3 bound only.

I like the idea of a podcast to do a deep dive on a game. Will this be Dark Souls only or will it deep dive on another game at some point?

BR   Supporter wrote on 01/14/2013 at 07:38pm

I tried to play it on the computer but the terrible controls made it almost impossible to play. I'm going to give it another try on the ps3 eventually.

Gary_Butterfield   Post Author wrote on 01/14/2013 at 07:53pm

@BR: You more or less have to use a PS3 controller or an xbox controller. Solves all the issues, however.

@Jon, we're doing the souls series. So it goes Dark Souls, Demons Souls, Dark Souls 2.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 01/14/2013 at 07:59pm

Cool, that should be plenty o content then :D

Gary_Butterfield   Post Author wrote on 01/14/2013 at 08:36pm

We're comfortable with it being a limited run, like seasons of a tv show. If we wanted to go back further, we'd end up in King's Field territory and we're not quite comfortable with that yet.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 01/14/2013 at 09:06pm

That makes sense. Adding it to my podcast client thingy. Ah, doesn't show in iTunes yet, so ill wait a bit then.

vdogmr25 wrote on 01/15/2013 at 06:21am

This is one of my favorite games primarily because it doesn't hold your hand. A lot of games do the whole "GO HERE!" or "FOLLOW THIS GUY!" This game nearly does a full 180 and tells you just the controls, and very little about an area. What info you do get is left by other players. It's a bit refreshing in that regard.

Gary_Butterfield   Post Author wrote on 01/15/2013 at 08:50pm

@vdogmr25, we are going to go into that IN DEPTH. Check out the show!

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