This week's Brawl is super fun! Every time you cast a spell, you get a random minion that costs what you paid. (and it is what you paid for the spell, not it's normal casting cost). So, just make a deck of ALL spells! I'm 4-0 as a priest doing it. So far I've played against 3 druids and a paladin. Druid seems fairly favored with all the creature boosts it gets. I think mage would be great with all the damage spells to clear the board while putting out free creatures.

You should try it out... just load up on all the spells you can =] I'm not running a single creature in my deck. I've noticed some people are...and I just wouldn't, unless you were using a creature that made use of you casting a lot of spells or something. But they were running creatures just for the sake of it... it's not a good value to pay 2 mana for a creature when you can pay 2 mana for a spell plus get a freebie.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 07/08/2015 at 09:32pm

This one is great! I've put together a Mage deck, and I agree, don't bother with creatures, unless you don't have enough spells. I think I ended up with 24 spells and 6 creatures in my deck (and all the creatures are spell oriented of course). Twas a super fun time. So far I've only played one brawl (against a warlock), and I will be coming back often.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 07/09/2015 at 03:14am

I did what you suggest in that I built a Priest deck with all spell cards and was pitted against a Mage doing the same thing. In the end I whomped them and it was due to the better randomness of my creatures spawning and got the free pack. I really like what they are doing with Tavern Brawl and at least get the first win for the deck.

I put in some Sludge Belchers, I can't make a deck without those they are a deck staple.

JaBo   Post Author wrote on 07/10/2015 at 04:22pm

So, I've been trying with other classes, because really the only reward is XP for the class and a win towards any quest or for the 3 wins for 10 g. So, I have druid/mage/priest at lvl 60 so figured I'd try rogue or paladin... well argg, they are so not as good as priest or mage or druid! I didn't even try warlock, shaman, or hunter. They don't have expensive spells.

Priest is the best, mind control their best minion and then get a deathwing. But ya, my win rate went from like 90+% to like <50% trying paladin which is definitely not a bad looking option. But Priest/mage/druid are where it's at on this one.

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