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There is definatly a reason why this game is famous, at least in the retro gamers circuit. Nope, it's not for it's awesome gameplay or even colorful anime type intro, but rather for the worst translation ever known in video game history. The game itself is actually kinda fun, not the best shoot'em'up I ever played but definatly not the worst either. You have 4 different types of ammo to use throughout the stages each of which can be powered up, sadly none of the power ups really look all that cool when your shootin, but its still fun none the less and a little challenging, but because there isn't much else to this shooter to set it apart from others of it's era gameplay starts to feel bland by stage 3. Graphically the gameplay is not as cool as the intro, M.U.S.H.A. has much better graphics or even Grindstormer but still, just the intro alone is reason enough to have this in your collection. Watch this video to see the worst(and most hilarious)game translation ever, at least imo.

Often times one can wonder, how come we never got that game here in the states. It is no secret that the ratio of games (at least back in the 90's) that get translated and than ported to the states from Japan is like 1:20. I even read somewhere once that for every one japanese RPG that gets translated and imported for release in the US there were at least 10 that didnt. Anyhow, so whats the reason that so many games never see the light of day outside of Japan. Usually its because of content, such as religious content, or culture(or pop culture even) but othertimes it's just cause of just plain weird wackiness that is deemed way to out there for the US market. Cho Aniki is one such example. Full of strong shall we say "homo" undertones its no wonder this one was never brought to the states. You play as one of 2 speedo wearing muscle bound wrestlers in this quirky side scrolling shoot'em'ups. Thats right, instead of a typical space ship, you are a muscular, greased up wrestler in a speedo. You shoot what I guess you'd call "bullets" out of the tiny hole in your characters bald head. Very strange I know, but this game just has to be seen or even played to see what I mean. Bosses are strange, as are the enemies. The power ups look like "family jewels" to say the least, and your power up beam is a long stream that well.....I'll just let your imagination figure that one out. Check out this game play video to get an idea-

This awesome Mega Drive game(please note that allthough it says Genesis up top, it was never released in the states, therefore it is not on the Genesis, it was released in Japan only for the Mega Drive) is worth every penny. I got mine for a sweet SWEET deal at only $80 while it seems to regularly sell for more than $150+. The opening scene with the bullets dropping to the ground is just cool. As you play the game you will notice that it has lots and lots of cool beautiful colors that run together very smoothly much better than the 1st game in the series IMO. The weapon power ups are rad and are plentiful and you can choose from a variety of different guns to use at the beginning of each stage. Fast paced frantic and often chaotic side scrolling shoot'em'up action. Great music and sound effects and the bosses get huge. Great game all around.

This game is awesome, its worth lots of money! No mine is not for sale!