For my contribution to retro games Tuesday I'm busting out one of my favorite games. On the surface this game actually doesn't look that great. The graphics are kind of lack-luster compared to some of the other SNES games that came out around the same time and the game play is pretty basic. However the game is absolutely dripping with humor and charm. There's a lot to praise about this game and I'd like to point out a few of my favorites. I'll try to do so without giving any spoilers away for the few of you who might not have played this (*cough*Jon*cough*).

The humor in this game is great. The game is not afraid to poke fun at itself or RPG's in general. At times the humor is a little surreal/bizarre but if you can sit through a Monty Python movie then this shouldn't bother you. :)

I love that the game has a modern (well, 1990's) setting instead of the usual fantasy setting. It really made the game stand out and I actually can't think of any other modern setting RPG's off the top of my head. Plus pizza makes a much better healing item than a potion in my opinion. (I also always get a craving for pizza whenever I play this...)

I know I called the graphics lackluster earlier, but actually I really like the art style for the game. Especially the art in the strategy guide. Speaking of...

This game came with its strategy guide and it is amazing. The guide is written like a travel guide and includes news paper articles for the different towns you visit, advertisements for the various shops, and all kinds of special little things that make this, in my opinion, the greatest strategy guide ever. Seriously, if you can manage to track down a copy of this game with the guide and you won't have to sell a kidney to buy it, do so!

Oh, and you can fight New Age Retro Hippies. They even have their owns special theme music!

I could confess my love for this game all night but I'll go ahead and stop here. It's really unfortunate that they are not offering this game on the Wii virtual console or as a DS/3DS port, so if you don't already own the game you'll need to track it down on eBay or find a ROM file for it. Still, if you want a fun RPG from the SNES's prime days I cannot recommend this game enough!

Did I mention that the guide also came with scratch-n-sniff cards that smelt like bosses/characters from the game? 'cause it did!

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 06/06/2012 at 05:03pm

I totally remember when this game came out! I never played it, but I remember Nintendo Power was IN LOVE with this game. Probably my stubborn side came out and said "If you think it's so great, I'm not going to give it a chance" lol. But now it sounds interesting.

New Age Retro Hippies? These days we call them Hipsters ;-)

jdodson   Admin wrote on 06/07/2012 at 02:04am

OK so I PLAYED Earthbound!

Its just that.... I sort of... never.... finished it.

OK OK! But I was busy at the time and I did think that game was really awesome, I just didn't complete it. But I got as far as a lockness monster if memory serves. That said, I know my geek card is up in flames now... But I will have you know that completing this game is on my bucket list. And all told you public shaming of me might make this happen faster so all is well that ends well I imagine.

PS the art was great but at first I didn't appreciate it. After a bit it really stuck on me and I really really love it.

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