Well, I did not see this coming, but the original Diablo is up for sale over at GoG.com, DRM free!
I missed Diablo during it's first run, is it worth looking into now?

Edit: It appears there are two versions available through GoG.

"Travelers looking for the authentic Diablo experience can play the game as it was in 1996, with period-appropriate 20 FPS SVGA graphics, and the ability to matchmaker through the classic version of Blizzard’s Battle.net® online-gaming service.
For those wanting something a bit more modern, Blizzard and GOG.COM have collaborated on an updated version of the game tuned for today’s gaming PCs, which includes out-of-the-box Windows 10 compatibility, a host of bug fixes and high-resolution support."

Travis   Admin wrote on 03/08/2019 at 03:43am

Ha, I just came here to post this. DRM Free and FINALLY working on modern versions of Windows!

In addition, they're releasing Warcraft 1 and 2 later.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 03/11/2019 at 12:00am

"I missed Diablo during it's first run, is it worth looking into now?"

I'm going to answer this with another question. Did you play Diablo 2? If you haven't then I'd say skip Diablo and when the Diablo 2 remake comes out, get that.

Two reasons.

1. You move painfully slow in the original Diablo. It wasn't a problem at the time because Diablo was such a unique and fresh game but compared to anything more modern the movement speed is painful for many.
2. Diablo 2 improves on it in nearly every way and the remake will come out in the next couple years.

If you want to play a slice of gaming history OR you played Diablo a ton and want to relive it then i'd say it's an easy pickup. For me, Diablo is a classically incredible game and the $10 price tag is very cheap but certain aspects of it might not make for the most smooth play through. I never owned the original but had the demo and I played the HELL of out that demo.

Diablo sets a great dark tone and because you move so slowly the dread of having monsters swarm your is felt when you are caught off-guard.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 03/11/2019 at 12:01am

That said, I wish it had a Mac and Linux port. But you know... dreams smile

jdodson   Admin wrote on 03/13/2019 at 03:12am

Apparently Diablo is now on Good old Games but also a good parent: https://twitter.com/GOGcom/status/1105591602351927297

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