The Wizardry giveaway is over, and we have ten lucky winners getting a copy of these awesome games! Winners are listed below. If you see your name on this list, check your private messages on the site-- you should have a key waiting for you.

Congrats to:
  • Hardeyez

  • wartinald

  • Jung_MY

  • Gleikara

  • gaidalcain85

  • Docwe_Weirdocz

  • Nhor

  • Marko_Krivokapic

  • Zabaton5

This contest was made possible by Night Dive Studios who made these games available on Steam. Be sure to give them some love:

jdodson   Admin wrote on 10/04/2013 at 02:32am

Congratulations to the winners and I want to thank Night Dive Studios and everyone that entered!

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 10/04/2013 at 03:54am

Sweet! Congrats peeps!

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