Blizzard showed off some early details about the Mystic, a new(ish) NPC coming to Diablo III when Reaper of Souls releases. I say "ish" because she was planned for the initial release but was cut before the beta.

The Mystic re-enchants weapons and armor. The basic idea is this: you have an awesome sword for your Barbarian but it has a useless Intelligence roll on it. You can take it to the mystic, pick that roll, and she'll re-roll it to something else. Now, it wouldn't be Diablo if you could pick that roll, there has to be some chance thrown in. So of course, the re-roll may be worse than what you started with, and in this case you can choose to stick with the original properties. You still have to pay, though!

After enchanting an item, it's bound to your account, and while you can keep re-rolling that one attribute, the others are stuck in place. So choose wisely!

This looks like it will make for an interesting new mechanic. I've had quite a few items that were really nice but still worse than what I had because of one bad roll. Now I can change that!

Full details on the Diablo blog:

jdodson   Admin wrote on 10/26/2013 at 08:45pm

I really like this addition considering the removal of the auction house. I do have one question though, is this coming to Reaper only or the main game?

Not really that it matters to me much, I am getting Reaper day one anyways :D

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