If you want some Steam hardware as soon as it's ready, whether that's a Steam Machine, controller, Steam Link, or a combination, Valve's put up their preorder page. The Link and the controller come straight from Steam, or you can get Alienware machines from Gamestop, or Syber machines straight from them.

The controller and Link are $49.99 each, or you can get them bundled. There's no cost savings there, but it's a bit of a convenience.

The Alienware Steam Machines start at $449, and Cyber's start at $499. They all look great, but the Link might be all I need. I'm still waiting to see what kind of media capabilities they'll have. If it can stream my Steam games and act as a Roku-style device, I'm set.

Hit up http://store.steampowered.com/hardware for more.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 06/04/2015 at 09:07pm

Hey Travis, drop in this video link in the embed above it's a new advertisement by Valve for the Steam Controller:


PS it looks amazing. smile

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/05/2015 at 02:27am

I saw that! Good call.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 06/05/2015 at 04:38pm


AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 06/05/2015 at 05:57pm

(I know that wasn't brilliant commentary, but when I saw the controller in action, it made me really, really want it)

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 06/05/2015 at 05:58pm

Yeah, it'll do that!

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