The Yogscast Jingle Jam 2017 released today. For $35 you get Rust, Dungeon of the Endless, Qube Director's Cut, Garry's Mod, and two Team Fortress 2 badges. BUT, every day until Christmas, a new game gets added to the goodies.

The games will total $847 and all proceeds go to charity. While the bundle runs for most of the month, they say supplies are limited so if you know you're interested, it may be a good idea to jump on early.

Check it out here:

scrypt   Supporter wrote on 12/02/2017 at 07:09am

Sweet deal! Those Humble Bundles, I tell ya...

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 12/02/2017 at 07:21am

No kidding! My backlog needed a boost.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 12/02/2017 at 08:22pm

Link for people that want to know more

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 12/03/2017 at 06:04am

I added that link a few hours ago before I saw your comment there. Yeah, woops. That might have been important info.

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 12/04/2017 at 08:30pm

Wow that’s an insane amount of money for two days.

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 12/10/2017 at 07:32am

By the way, if you jumped on this and you've been considering Guild Wars 2, you now own the full game (not just the free-to-play parts) and you have a discount on the new expansion.

There's lots of MMO stuff in this bundle to get you a good ways in with a few different ones.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 12/10/2017 at 09:20pm

Whew that's a crazy amount of games there. And it's not even over yet!

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