In this episode of Cheerful Ghost Radio, Adam and Jon are on the floor at PRGE talking about all the fun they're having while Tim and Travis sit at home and wish they were there.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 10/22/2018 at 03:48am

A little behind the scenes magic for everyone. Adam and I recorded this episode from our booth and right afterward I texted it to Travis. He cut it up into a show and posted it, which made for a very fun and timely episode. I think it turned out fairly well so i'd expect a few more episodes like this.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 10/23/2018 at 04:31am

The expo was tons of fun! Thanks for posting this so quickly, Travis!

Timogorgon wrote on 10/24/2018 at 03:33am

Can confirm: Wished I was there!
PRGE sounds like a lot of fun!

jdodson   Admin wrote on 10/24/2018 at 04:16am

It is. One thing I want to do for next year is demand Travis & Tim fly in and work the expo with us for the weekend.

DEMAND! (see all in caps, must happen)

Timogorgon wrote on 10/27/2018 at 04:52am


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