And the last of the class previews, the Witch Doctor.

I have yet to play a Witch Doctor. When I first saw Jon's I started drooling over it, but it became pretty apparent from all the buzz on forums, reddit, etc, that this was not a very functional class.

Blizzard apparently agrees, and the Witch Doctor is getting tons of buffs and reworking. From what I'm reading from this post, the Witch Doctor will be an appealing class to play finally. I'm finally looking forward to trying it out.

So that's all for the class previews. Now we just have a post from the man himself, Jay Wilson, about magic find, and the patch notes of course.

As an aside, the patch has been scheduled for "the 4th week of August." What that means is up for debate, since next week is the third *full* week, but the first week was only 3 days. My bet, with the frequency of these blog posts, is that 1.04 will hit next Tuesday when the servers go down for scheduled maintenance. This should not be taken as a guarantee by any means, just a prediction.

EDIT: It appears that this may be wrong. A community manager in the Diablo subreddit has said Jay Wilson's magic find post will be coming out next week. I guess they *could* post that one Monday and the patch notes Tuesday morning before the patch, but my prediction looks less likely.

So now the changes for all classes have been previewed, legendaries have been discussed, and the overall gameplay changes have been shown-- what do you think? Is this the patch that will fix vast amounts of the problems D3 players have been having, or will it still be the same?

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/17/2012 at 04:02am


And yeah, the Witch Doctor changes are sweet. After Normal my pets were paper. Some people had success with pet builds but after some serious gearing. Since I was more arm chair I had to find a build natural to the WD that would work and it was a fine powerful build but wasn't how I wanted to play it.

This looks pretty epic, but I wonder if the other summons will get buffs too. Having a screen full of pets would be awesome and I am really interested in checking out the full patch notes.

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 08/17/2012 at 12:37pm

Yeah, 1.0.4. Doh!

A community manager chimed in on reddit an confirmed that the other pets will be getting buffs as well. Except bears apparently, but they were just one-shots right?

jdodson   Admin wrote on 08/18/2012 at 12:52am

Bears are pretty popular as is, so it makes sense they are not getting buffed. Havent played my WD high enough to use the ability. After 1.0.4 I will though :)

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