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This hall features all of the Cheerful Ghost supporting members. The support of these awesome people makes running this site possible!

GregoPeck: Member in 2015 about 4 years ago
Continuing my membership to one of the best places on the Internet! Thanks for being so awesome, giving me a place to write about gaming and other things, and also a place to find out about cool games and what others are playing.
GregoPeck: Member in 2014 about 5 years ago
Thank you for giving me one of my favorite places to post about the video games I'm playing and a place to see what other people are playing. CG is awesome, I'm here to stay!
If you're leaving scorch marks, you need a bigger gun.
bessiq: Member in 2013 over 5 years ago
MoonWyrd: Member in 2013 almost 6 years ago
"I have accepted Provolone into my life!" ~ Zippy
krcDeuce: Member in 2013 about 6 years ago
It is dangerous to go alone! Take this.
BR: Member in 2013 about 6 years ago
I'd like to report that King Mc'Cluckles is now an official ghost of CG. Thanks for the awesome site Jon. My favorite site for gaming related stuffs. Glad I could help out!
CapnCurry: Member in 2013 about 6 years ago
That which does not kill me has made a tactical error. (Maxim 35, Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries - )
Friendly gaming communities like Cheerful Ghost rely on its members for continuing support. Glad to do my part.
kinephoria: Donated! (about 6 years ago)
scrypt: Member in 2013 about 6 years ago
It's all happening...
Travis: Donated! (about 6 years ago)
Travis: Member in 2013 about 6 years ago
The ghost with the most

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