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This hall features all of the Cheerful Ghost supporting members. The support of these awesome people makes running this site possible!

zeh: Member in 2019 12 months ago
jdodson: Member in 2019 about 1 year ago
I'm an Engineer and built the video game community Cheerful Ghost and text based mini-MMO Tale of the White Wyvern.
Fuzzy pickles!
Will_Ball: Member in 2018 about 2 years ago
GregoPeck: Member in 2018 about 2 years ago
Will_Ball: Member in 2016 about 4 years ago
Continuing my membership to one of the best places on the Internet! Thanks for being so awesome, giving me a place to write about gaming and other things, and also a place to find out about cool games and what others are playing.
Thank you for giving me one of my favorite places to post about the video games I'm playing and a place to see what other people are playing. CG is awesome, I'm here to stay!
If you're leaving scorch marks, you need a bigger gun.
bessiq: Member in 2013 about 7 years ago
"I have accepted Provolone into my life!" ~ Zippy
It is dangerous to go alone! Take this.
BR: Member in 2013 over 7 years ago
I'd like to report that King Mc'Cluckles is now an official ghost of CG. Thanks for the awesome site Jon. My favorite site for gaming related stuffs. Glad I could help out!
That which does not kill me has made a tactical error. (Maxim 35, Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries - )
Friendly gaming communities like Cheerful Ghost rely on its members for continuing support. Glad to do my part.
kinephoria: Donated! (over 7 years ago)
scrypt: Member in 2013 over 7 years ago
It's all happening...
Travis: Donated! (over 7 years ago)
Travis: Member in 2013 over 7 years ago
The ghost with the most

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