StarCraft: Brood War

by Blizzard Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment

Developed by Saffire, Blizzard Entertainment

Starting today Blizzard is celebrating 20 years of StarCraft with a bunch of free in-game loot.

  • Log in to StarCraft: Remastered after March 6 to receive a commemorative 20th Anniversary UI Skin for StarCraft: Remastered.

  • Log in to StarCraft II after March 6 to receive a special UI Skin for each race. Additionally, log in between March 6 and April 3 to receive a Portrait and Decal.

  • Log in to Diablo III after March 6 to receive Dominion’s Revenge, a fearsome Battlecruiser-themed Pet.

  • Log in to Heroes of the Storm between March 27 and April 7 to receive a 20th Anniversary Portrait for Protoss, Terran and Zerg.

  • Play a StarCraft-inspired Tavern Brawl between March 21 and... Read All

StarCraft Remastered will launch on August 14th and is available for pre-order for $14.99 right now. Pre-purchased unlocks the unique command center skins Korhal Command Center, Aiur Nexus, and Char Hive. If you purchase StarCraft remastered you unlock a few things in StarCraft II, including Alexei Stukov as a co-op commander and three unique portraits.

StarCraft Remastered comes with the added bonus of being entirely playable via multiplayer with the free StarCraft Anthology released earlier this year. Is anyone planning on picking up as i'm curious if people want to get in a game of multiplayer afterward?

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