Duke Nukem Forever

Released on June 13, 2011 by 2K Games

Developed by Gearbox Software

The King arrives with an arsenal of over-the-top weapons, giant explosions and pure unadulterated fun!

Cygnus Destroyer takes Duke Nukem Forever to court and the results of the trial might shock you! Or it might turn out the way you'd expect from this notorious game in the Duke franchise. I always root for the underdog and Duke Nukem Forever is seen as a terrible game after it launched and it seems this video doesn't help it much. That said, if you want to know why this game is seen the way it is, Cygnus lays it out well and i've always wanted to play it as it's in my Steam back catalog but after watching this I'm having second thoughts.

I've been doing a bit of an experiment over the past week, playing games that have been pretty severely panned to see if I can find the positives. So is Duke Nukem Forever as bad as everyone says it is?

It's not great. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a bad game, though. It's a good game that got bogged down over 12 years of development, ideas that nobody seemed to want to cut, a switch in development teams, and a change in the climate of games.

Really, it's the most disappointing kind of game. All the elements are there, the mechanics are good, the level design is at least acceptable, nothing is broken, but it's just kinda boring.

The game starts you off fighting the... Read All