Boardgame Doom: The Board Game

Doom: The Boardgame is a survival board game for two to four players. The game is a based on the Doom FPS.
Doom: The Board Game is the most beloved Board Game I have. Kevin Wilson's 2004 survival classic is one of the most authentic video to board game creations i've ever played. For the Marines, each game is a nail biter as instead of dungeon exploration and the collection of loot your goal is to escape Mars base alive. Today Fantasy Flight dropped news that they are rebooting Doom the Board Game with an all new design to pair up to the recent Doom remake.

"Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of DOOM: The Board Game, a completely redesigned tactical combat experience for two to five players based on Bethesda’s blockbuster video game, DOOM.

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If you have been reading my posts over the last few days I have been posting a lot about Doom because of the release of Doom 3: BFG Edition. I decided to write a few of my thoughts down about the board game that brought the love I have for board games back, Doom: The Board Game.

Also check the site tomorrow as I will post an interview I gave with Kevin Wilson. Kevin Wilson is the designer of such amazing board games such as Doom: The Board Game, Android, Descent: Journies into the Dark, Arkham Horror and Civilization: The Board Game! Yep, that Kevin Wilson! Incredible.

I was going through a Doom craze about 5 years ago and in a off the cuff moment I decided to purchase a... Read All

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