Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Released on June 26, 2014 by Cartoon Network

Developed by Sleep Ninja Games

An environmental puzzle game, akin to nostalgic dungeon-style puzzle games like The Legend Of Zelda, for iOS & Desktop!
1. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Mobile games are a cacophony of choices. Do you go free to play and get annoyed by waiting? Do you take the chance and spend a few bucks on a game that is ultimately disappointing? Or should you get a game that works magically on your smartphone, tablet AND has a great PC version with full SteamOS support?

You should clearly do the latter and it should be Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake. I've played it on Steam, it's great and i've played it on mobile and it's also great. How great? So great my wife... wait for it. beat the game before I did. Seriously, that's like a 10/10 right there. I mean, it's an even deeper sell when you consider the... Read All

Hold on to your butts, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is coming to mobile on June 26th and Steam July 1st. It will run you $3.99 on iOS and Android and $14.99 on Steam for all your PC HD needs.

I took a test drive of the Monsters Kickstarter backer beta a few months ago so if you are interested in that clicky, click.

And we also did a few interviews with them over the last year that you might fill your cake hole for the next few weeks.
... Read All
I just sat down to play the Kickstarter Early Access for Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake. Needless to say the game is awesome and I was really impressed by it. After playing many Early Access games on Steam I have come to accept a certain amount of broken and bugginess from early previews. The Kickstarter Early Access for Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake transcends all of that and throws you into a very polished game oozing with charm. If I had any questions about how good this game will be, they were answered in first few minutes of playing.

Once you start the game you are brought right into the games story and meet the main character Niko. Niko wakes up on his birthday... Read All
Let's say you were going to carve a pumpkin for Halloween this year. And just for good measure, you wanted to have a more "video gamey" feel to things. Maybe you want to carve out some characters from an awesome upcoming new Indie title from our friends making Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake? As it turns out, today is your lucky day to nab and print these great pumpkin carving stencils.

If you make a carving from one of these, drop the image in the comments!

The above stencil is Grognar, if you are thinking of going a bit more "Bat styley" you can check out Eek's stencil.