I have been eagerly awaiting Scrolls, the new Collectable Card Game by Mojang for quite some time after it was announced. I wanted to tuck a bit of time under my belt before writing about it and feel like now is a good time.

After buying Scrolls I needed to merge my Minecraft account into my new Mojang account. This makes sense as what Mojang is doing now is having an umbrella Mojang account be the set of credentials that gets you access to all your games. So now, I can access Scrolls and Minecraft with the same information. After you get that all sorted out you can start playing Scrolls.

Scrolls is a 1 on 1 card game where the goal is destroy 3 of the opposing players... Read All

Scrolls is the next game from the mega-ultra-huge Indie game company Mojang, the company that made Minecraft. The game will be available June 3rd and will be for sale on the Scrolls website for $20. The game will ship on Mac and PC.

Scrolls is one of two upcoming Collectable Card Games I am very interested in and will be picking this up on day one. According to people in the beta, the game doesn't have in game micro transactions but you do earn in game currency to buy cards and from the video you can trade them with others.

Because this is a game that has been on my radar for sometime, I am also trying something new with the Cheerful Ghost Event System. I added the... Read All