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I recently realized a gaming pattern of mine within in the last few years that continues even now. I think it started with The Witcher, but lately I’ve been playing a variety of game series. I started out with The Witcher, because the Witcher 3 was highly recommended to me. I decided to start at the beginning and make my way through. I later continued this pattern with the Borderlands and (most recently) Dragon Age series. This also reminds me of my gaming habits many years ago when I was playing other series such as Final Fantasy, Command & Conquer, Warcraft, etc.

I think this is interesting. It’s given me the chance to see and watch games evolve.... Read All

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There is a new Dragon Age game in development by EA that looks interesting. The trailer features Morrigan, one of the characters in Dragon Age: Origins. Dragon Age 2 was reviewed poorly and because of this I wonder how EA will handle this latest incarnation.

Are you interested in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition?

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