I hope he takes us back to the past and makes a movie that doesn't suck ass(sorry I had to)... I like what I am seeing from it more now that I saw before.

What do you think about the AVGN Movie Update? Will you watch this when it drops?

"It's been 2 years since cameras first rolled on Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie. For the occasion, I've decided to give everyone this special inside look on the making of it.

Last December, we finished shooting the practical effects shots. Since then, we've been working on the VFX shots (any effects done during post-production) which are approximately 3/4 finished. The next step is Sound Design and then Music.

I expect the film to be... Read All

Yeah, that face. I had that face a lot.

But I'm not done and if not for a family gathering in a couple of hours I'd be playing it right now. And dying, and cursing, and laughing, and feeling that same kind of frustration and addiction that some of the best NES games gave us.

Yes, the game is hard. But it's not broken-hard it's "Nintendo hard" as it's come to be known. Imagine Super Meat Boy.

If you watch the AVGN's videos you'll recognize a lot of the gaming tropes that he hates. A game based on the AVGN would have to. But the core gameplay is solid, very solid.

The humor is funny at first, and kinda what you'd expect, but after 20 minutes it gets a little old. Every... Read All

If you watch Game Videos online, chances are you've watched The Angry Video Game Nerd. His shows are funny and pretty entertaining. If you haven't seen them, head over to The Nerds site and check them out.

That said, The Nerd recently released The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and it looks pretty interesting. Happy to see that he didn't take the parts of games that suck ass and put them in his game. Yeah, it looks pretty hard but many awesome NES games were.

If you picked this up and have given it a try, let me know what you think in the comments.