Game Dev's Quest is a cool local Oregon Podcast about game development and I was part of their most recent show. In this episode I talked about my history of BBS's and the launch of our new games BBS. If you wanted a deep dive of the games we launched and my absolute love for the retro days of BBS past this is a must listen! I've embedded the audio podcast above but I recommend heading over to Airpodcast to listen below or, even better, subscribing to Game Dev's Quest on the Podcast client of your choice.

"Jon Dodson is back to talk about launching the Cheerful Ghost BBS! We discuss what a Bulletin Board System is, its history, and why we are still interested in them... Read All

If you have an old 486 PC sitting around the house and you wanted to connect it to a modern BBS, Lazy Game Reviews has an amazing guide on how to do that. Apparently someone has created a Wifi card that translates a wifi signal to a Hayes compatible modem which allows you to connect to modern BBS's that people run online to play games like Legend of the Red Dragon and Tradewars! Optionally you can just head over to the BBS Guide and use your modern computer to relive those magical moments too but this seems way more amazing.