Orion Trail

Released on October 12, 2015 by Schell Games

Developed by Schell Games

Dare to travel the absurd and dangerous Orion Trail, where only the luckiest, bravest, and most stubborn captains will make it all the way to the end. Become famously incredible or incredibly dead in this single player choose-your-own-space-adventure!

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Orion Trail is a new Kickstarter by Schell Games that mixes the classic Oregon Trail mechanics and throws them into orbit. It's no surprise that I loved the recent Oregon Trail with Zombies remake, Organ Trail and Orion Trail seems to continue the movement. Orion Trail sports some pretty pixel art as well as some really interesting in game encounters with Warp Weasels and SPACE DYSENTERY.

"Before you begin your voyage, it's important to know that bad stuff can (and will) happen. For example, an unexpected Singularity Fissure could open up in the Deck 12 Latrines, making for an unpleasant bathroom break. Maybe someone could accidentally leave an airlock open as you jump... Read All