The Epic Games Store continues to give away free games and this months game is something special in Borderlands 3. While the reviews are not perfect, it's garnered fairly universal praise for it's gameplay and improved mechanics. Some took point with the characters and story but if you love Borderlands, this is a solid entry to the series. Oh and it's free.

Sadly, it's not free in perpetuity so head over to the Epic Store and grab it before the deal expires on May 26th!

Greetings Ghosts and Elves,

Now that presents time is upon us I was wondering what everyone is playing? Before you go I’ll dish up a side of ham and Borderlands 3. Originally I picked this up on sale on PC and quite enjoyed it but solidly changed my gaming focus to the XBox when the Series X came. Recently Gearbox released a Borderlands 3 Legendary Edition that features the base game plus all DLC (base game disc, DLC code on paper) and I’ve been playing that here and there. I also got Forza Horizon 4 for cheap during Black Friday. Needless to say these are more than enough to tide me over plus the incredible backlog I have already (the woe, the lamentation).

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One criticism I hear from a lot of folks that played Borderlands 3 is that the games twin antagonists are very annoying and drag the game down. This is an unfortunate thing to hear as, to date, the Borderlands franchise has created very compelling villains. All that to say, over the holidays I found the base Borderlands 3 on a good PC sale for $15 and I picked it up and I've played it a bit so far and haven't experienced the twin villains yet so I can't weigh in on that part but wanted to get a few thoughts out anyway.

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Right now in Oregon the state wildfires are destroying so much forest the air is hazardous and when you look outside it reminds me of the worse scenes from an apocalypse film where we've lost control of our environment. Needless to say it's pretty bleak here so I wanted to share something a bit more upbeat in a recent Gearbox Digital Showcase from PAX Online. As time marches ever onward Gearbox is positioning itself as more of a top tier video game company and is expanding heavily into game publishing and during this Showcase it's on full display.

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Gearbox had a Borderlands 3 event recently where they unleashed a lot of information about the new game including gameplay. If you are a super fan of Borderlands the included video is a must watch and includes a showcase of the new Sanctuary starship hub, the first intro level with Claptrap and co-op. It seems that all the guns in Borderlands 3 have alt fire modes where you could have a pistol that fires regular bullets and it's alt fire mode shoots grenades.

Graphically the game looks like Borderlands with a bit more resolution and detail and a higher frame rate. Rand Pitchford boasted that this is the biggest Borderlands game yet, but I didn't get a sense for how big... Read All

Today Gearbox unleashed the release date for Borderlands 3 on PC, XBox One and PS4 of September 13th to some fairly unhappy PC fans. Typically Borderlands PC fans are a happy bunch as the game has quite a few benefits to the PC port in increased FOV sliders and detail options but publisher 2K has decided to go with a six months PC Epic Store exclusive meaning that you can't buy Borderlands 3 on PC via Steam at launch. This has led many PC fans to be quite upset and has tanked the review scores of Borderlands 2 as some are venting their frustration in Steam reviews.

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Here it is... the first Borderlands 3 trailer and it looks like a crazy next step for the series that rocketed the shooter looter mechanics into orbit. So much so that it seems like this game will feature entirely new game worlds and not take place on Pandorda. Gearbox didn't drop a ton of new details about the new game but there are some to be gleaned from the trailer and many characters make a return such as Lilith, Sir Hammerlock and Rowland (with a sax solo obviously).

Gearbox dropped an all new trailer teasing the upcoming Borderlands game they will reveal via a livestream tomorrow at PAX East! There have been some leaked details but I won't spoil any of that for you as I imagine most of it will be revealed tomorrow in the Gearbox livestream.

It's not known if the game will be called Borderlands 3 but it seems like it might feature quite of bit of off Pandora adventuring as teased at the end of Borderlands 2.

"Mayhem is coming! Tune in tomorrow at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT at for Gearbox’s PAX East livestream."
I expect that 2018 will be a great year in gaming but how great will it be? I reached out to people in the Cheerful Ghost community to look into the future to see what awesome stuff might be coming this year. At the end of the year we can come back to this and see how well we did and use creative readings to make us all look way smarter than we actually are!

If you have any other predictions drop them in the comments!

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After Gearbox announced that it was in development on Borderlands 3 I've been interested in hearing about how it's shaping up. At this years GDC some footage was shown of Borderlands 3 using the latest Unreal Tournament 4 engine and how it's effecting the look of the game. They wanted to stress that they weren't showing a game but an engine but I imagine this is what they will be eventually rolling with when the game launches... when it launches. The video shows off how they make the art style for Borderlands, the new lighting system and some production art assets.