One of the coolest parts about Double Fine working on a new adventure game was watching the Double Fine Adventure Documentary series. Broken Age was a great game I enjoyed but the documentary series so addicting I couldn't wait for the next installment of. I think it is a great look at how difficult creative work can be and I think the Double Fine crew weathered it well and are better for it. Recently DF dropped the Psychonauts 2 crowd funding project and as part of that released a 3 part documentary series on the original game and way they are approaching the sequel. As with the Double Fine Adventure series this is a very telling look at the process and... Read All

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Sequel? One of the best written comedy games ever. Sure, the platforming could drive you mad (I never actually did beat the meat circus), and it had its share of bugs, but it also had some of the best art, characters, and pure inventiveness, all wrapped in that patented Tim Schafer cleverness.

Did you guys play the original? It didn't sell well (though I think I've technically bought it three times myself). What do you think about the idea of a sequel?

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